Memberships and Committees


Approval of application for membership is the responsibility of the Executive Committee.
ELETSA membership, renewable annually:

  • Institutional membership (26 national universities in SA)

    To be eligible for institutional membership, the institution must be a DHET accredited institution within South Africa (incl. TVET institutions) or credited by the ministry of education in the host country

  • Regular membership (incl. but not limited to postgraduate students)

    To be eligible for regular membership, a person must be working in higher education (public institutions), DHET or as approved by the Executive Committee; or  interested in student support/success

  • Any other institution public or private institutions that seeks membership

A membership year shall be from the beginning of the first day in March ending on the last day of February of the following year.

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ELETSA processes personal information in line with its obligations under the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) and any personal information provided to the Organization will be treated as confidential and processed in accordance with the rights provided to data subjects under POPIA. One of ELETSA’s obligations is to be transparent and accountable to the data subjects whose personal information is processed and delivered, in view of their “right to be informed”. This means that the Organization is required to provide information to such data subjects via a Privacy Notice, which describes what personal information or data is collected about them, where it is obtained, what will be done with it and what the legal basis is for processing it. It also communicates how the Organization will store their data and what rights they have in relation to the processing of their data by the Organization.