Advisory Board

ELETSA Executive Committee 2020-2023


Gugu Wendy Khanye
University of the Free State

Gugu Wendy Khanye is the inaugural President of the South African Academic Advising Association, ELETSA for the term 2020 – 2023. She is also the Assistant Director: Advising, Access and Success in the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of the Free State, South Africa. Wendy is responsible for providing leadership and management in the research, implementation and evaluation of academic advising and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) across the University of the Free State. In her work, Gugu’s work includes the management of strategic relationships with national and international stakeholders involved in the advising network across the institution. A qualified, Behavioural Geneticist, Gugu is passionate about empowering and supporting students in becoming self-directed, motivated, and responsible decision-makers. She remains primarily committed to the fields of student development, student engagement, student orientation, support and, ultimately, student success to ensure a new generation of graduates are engineered through efforts such as academic advising. In expanding her latitude of professionalism in higher education, she has amongst other roles worked as Researcher for the South African National Resource Centre for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition (SANRC).

Raazia Moosa

Vice President
University of the Witwatersrand

Dr Raazia Moosa is the Head of the Academic Support Unit at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) and the inaugural Vice President of ELETSA (the Professional Association for Advisors in South Africa). Dr Moosa is responsible for academic support, including online learning support at the institutional level. She played a leading role in instituting advising at Wits and convenes a community of practice for Advisors. Dr Moosa is also responsible for leading the management and evaluation of the Department of Higher Education and Training grants at her institution. She has previously held positions in academic planning, quality assurance, programme monitoring and evaluation, education policy, admissions and student recruitment. Dr Moosa has also served on various national working groups, providing input instrumental to changes in the South African Higher Education landscape. Her discipline background is in Planning and in addition, she has an MEd in Curriculum, Education Policy and Management of Teaching and Learning. She obtained an international PhD from the University of Bath (UK) – (Doctor of Business Administration in Higher Education Management) and was awarded the Richard and Sherley Mawditt prize for outstanding academic achievement. Her research interests are in higher education, academic advising, student success, evidence-based practice and programme evaluation.

Margaret Mbindyo

Additional Member (NACADA Emerging Scholar)

Dr. Margaret Mbindyo is an Assistant professor, advisement coordinator, center for advisement and student support for college of arts, humanities, and social sciences and the college of business at Millersville University in Pennsylvania USA.

She began her teaching/advisement/mentoring career in Kenya where she served as a certified secondary school teacher. She has earned several degrees including a dual title Ph.D. degree in Curriculum Instruction and Comparative and International Education from Penn State University, MA in Education Research from Vrije University in Brussels-Belgium, M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from Penn State University, and a B S in Education in English Language and Literature from Kenyatta University-Kenya. She is also a certified Swahili Language tester and rater for ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and the ACTFL Writing Proficiency Test (WPT) for the Seal of Biliteracy (SOBL).

In the US where she is currently based, she has many years working with students at risk of academic failure starting at Upward Bound Math Science at Penn State University, Upward Bound Program at Millersville University and as a K-12 Supervisor for College Career Readiness at Milton Hershey School in PA. She has also served as a temporary faculty and academic advisor in the department of Academic Advisement and Student Development at Millersville University and at Penn State University-Harrisburg.

Dr. Mbindyo area of research includes the academic resilience and academic persistence and success of low-income/first generation and immigrant students. She has presented her research in local, national and international conferences. She is an awardee of NACADA’s Emerging Leaders Program Class of 2019-2021 and a nominee and winner of the 2019 Mashujaa Awards (USA) in the Youth Empowerment category. In the local community, she volunteers with Church World Services to help transition recent immigrants to the USA system of education.

Zandile Rakhudu

ELETSA Administrative Coordinator
University of the Free State

Zandile Rakhudu is the UCDG Project Coordinator and Academic Advisor at the Centre for Teaching and Learning in the Advising, Access and Success Focus at the University of the Free State, South Africa.

Zandile provides project coordination within the UCDG collaborative grant in collaboration with the UFS Advising, Access and Success Assistant Director. In her role, she also offers support to students of the Economic and Management Sciences faculty, to contribute to academic advising efforts to reduce drop-out rates and increase the success rate at the UFS.

Zandile holds an Honours degree in Corporate and Marketing Communication from the University of the Free State and is passionate about communications, student success, student empowerment, career success, branding, and youth empowerment.

Responsibilities of the Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee has full authority to act for and on behalf of the Association, expect as otherwise specified in the Constitution.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the planning, execution and monitoring of the Association’s Statement of Purpose.

The Executive Committee is responsible for recommending a budget for approval at the Annual General meeting, after an annual independent audit of the Association’s financial records.